USS is a consulting firm founded with a vision of providing diversified consulting services to the start-ups and expanding businesses in order to make them gain a competitive edge in their intended markets. We believe in growing with the growth of our clients and there are no roadblocks if the vision is complemented with a strong strategy and planning to create more lucrative markets and audience.
USS is a brainchild of Mr. KK Sharma (KK) who worked more than two decades as a Commissioner in IRS of India - wherein, inter alia, more than $ One Billion was brought into tax net in one single investigation initiated solely by him. KK was the first Director General & Head of Merger Control of the functional Competition Commission of India (CCI).
KK established the competition law investigation framework in India along with the Merger Review Format which has won worldwide accolades. Under his leadership the Antitrust Division, CCI quickly came up with its very first affirmative actions against the anticompetitive practices in stock exchange and real estate sectors in the country. His experience in government machinery and industry network makes USS an extremely experience rich firm.
We are a diverse pool of talent having experience in almost all the industries and bureaucratic machinery along with retired yet seasoned government officials and CXO level executives. We all together believe in delivering excellence in concrete form. USS ensures the credible consulting services steered under the leadership of KK.