In today's competitive business world, every organization intends to grow exponentially and maximize on wealth and profits which eventually involves major decision making at the top level. Such decision requires thorough research and planning which are vital to the business health of the organization.
We specialize in advising organizations in taking high-level decisions in such an unbiased way, using deep industry knowledge, that the organization becomes competent to deliver optimally the desired best results.
The top level decisions always attract certain risks at different levels of execution and we, with our diversely experienced talent pool, strategize the entire planning in such a way that the risks are minimized with a business mitigation plan always ready beforehand.
We assist companies with their business activities at all levels, by providing assistance in locating, selecting and developing new opportunities and business relationships.
Whether you are initially starting up a venture, evaluating opportunities as an SME or just striving to increase the effectiveness of your existing programs, we can help you reap the benefits of the global economy and achieve success.
If you are interested in leveraging USS’s team to increase B2B sales revenue for your business we’ll show you how we can help:
  • Gain market intelligence.
  • Build relationships.
  • Uncover opportunities.
  • Increase sales velocity.
Our business networking approach allow us to provide you with several opportunities to get in touch with entities worldwide, both public and private, both technical and financial, both locally and internationally, or provide advice and assistance on a consulting basis and foster the creation of long-lasting partnerships. We connect you with the right people, business and platform by matching strategy to objective and accelerating the business development process.

For companies of all sizes

Large enterprises
We work with large enterprises in strategy, M&A, turnarounds and major transformations, both on corporate and business unit level.
Small and medium-sized enterprises
We work side by side with SMEs in kick-starting new business areas and markets, accelerating top-line growth and developing processes.
Family businesses
We work with family owned businesses globally on strategy, market expansion, succession planning and HR development.
Start-Ups & Fast growing tech companies
We help growth companies in boosting product development, user acquisition and pivot products to accelerate product-market fit.
We have consultants to bring in top-quality analytical thinking and a global 24/7 skill pool of generalists and specialists. While matching consultants USS’s model is differentiated so that we can fully commit to our clients’ success and development. Our differentiators are long-term partnership for continuous growth, building continuous & exclusive partnerships, extreme cost-efficiency, open collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Music Production
Music production is often called a process of adding soul to any film or visual presentation and our team has already done musical projects of national repute and social impact. We are a creative team of lyricists, music producers & sound designers who have carved a niche in the industry.
We believe in doing a thorough research before writing comprehensive and quality lyrics suiting the requirement or brand message. Our music producers and sound designers are experienced in doing music of all genres.
Our music portfolio includes socially relevant and thematically strong musical films with a special focus on lyrics. Our team has contributed to social revolutions with mass cheering songs.
Films & Creatives
An idea, emotion, feeling, achievement or historic incident resonates forever if it is portrayed on a film canvas. Be it a TVC, brand film, corporate film, fictional film, documentary, docu-drama, short film or a feature film, the essence lies in visualizing the idea rightly with a precisely planned and designed process of filmmaking.
We believe that filmmaking is far more than just technical process rather it is a creatively compelling way to deliver our thoughts in a motion format. We are a team of thoroughly experienced script, screenplay and dialogue writers, cinematographers, directors, graphic artists, animators and editors along with a fantastic creative team which is the core think tank behind every idea and film.
Our strength lies in the diversity where we all come from different parts of the varied culture of this country, sit together and work on the same idea to make it a globally accepted trend.
Web Design & Development
As far as advertisement and promotion of one’s business is concerned, presence on digital and social space is vitally important in today’s time. In the process of knowing an organization, curiosity initially takes us to its web presence.
It is very true that website is the first real face of an organization for its target audiences. We believe that website should be a comprehensive tool to concisely represent the USP of the organization, product and services, structure of the organization, work ethics, modes of operation, all the updates etc.
we specialize in planning, designing and developing websites with interactive UI, information rich content and attractive graphics.